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Loss of life is never easy which is why I know you are struggling to get your head around funeral arrangements and what you need to get done for a day you never thought would come. 


I empathise with you. I have also had to arrange funerals - for both of my parents actually. It is a tough time with a lot to think about and a lot of emotions to deal with. 


I know when I lost my parents I wish I had some kind of list I could follow to make sure I was doing things right, or at least not forgetting about anything... but unfortunately there was none. 


So I decided to make one so that nobody had to be in a position that I was. Being unsure of what they should do or organise, not knowing who to contact now my loved one was gone, not knowing what elements needed to be organised to give their loved ones the perfect day. 


That is why this checklist contains everything you need for a traditional style funeral or cremation. 


It covers:

WHO you should contact now that your loved one has passed
WHAT you should be organising
ALLOWING you to assign different people to different jobs do you can take the pressure off having to do everything yourself
GIVING you time to breath without laying awake thinking "did I do that" "or should I do this". 


This checklists outlines everything that you would need to do or think of for a traditional style funeral or cremation. 


From music, eulogies, contacting insurance companies, finding pet sitters, organising the grave, organising the scattering of ashes.


Whatever your loved ones wishes were this comprehensive checklist goes through every element you may need to think about and helps you stay organised! 


It has:

100+ Prompts / Questions 
4 SEPARATE  Sheets covering: Who you need to contact, organising different elements of the funeral, the service itself & invitations and printables. 

I hope that it allows your times to be a little bit lighter and a little bit brighter.

Funeral Checklist Excel / Google Sheets

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